Our Plane

Now, a little bit about the new (to us) airplane that we purchased in February 2019, an A36 Beechcraft Bonanza. This is a utility vehicle having six seats and double doors aft of the starboard wing providing a 12 ft. opening for cargo and people. The regular cabin door is

forward over the right-wing. The airplane is equipped with a Garmin panel with one of two navigation radios being the state-of-the-art touchscreen GTN750, as well as a Garmin 430. The navigation system is integrated with a KFC 200 autopilot flight director and the airplane is certified for IFR flight. The plane also has an under-wing turbine generator that will power the lights and avionics should the primary electrical system fail. We just voted to install Gami Injectors as well as a JPI 830 engine monitor during our August 2018 annual. As are all Bonanzas, N1050T is a high-performance beauty with retractable landing gear and a top sea level speed of 178 kt. The Bonanza is powered by a 285 HP Continental six cylinder, fuel- injected I/O 520 engine with a three-blade prop. This airplane was produced in 1976 (serial number 881), 31 years after the original Bonanza model 35 flew in December 1945. The plane, although having been around for some time, has been well maintained and sports a total airframe time of approximately 3700 hours and engine time of approximately 675 hours. We keep it in a T-hangar on the east side of the airfield at Palm Springs.


Performance Data


Empty weight: 2353
Fuel capacity: 74 gallons
Range: 875 miles at 75% power
Rate of climb: 1015 ft./min
Service ceiling: 17,000 feet

Top speed: 178 kt
Cruise speed: 167 kt
Stall speed: 56 kt
Gross wage: 3600 pounds


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