We are the Palm Springs Aviators

We are a non-profit mutual benefit IRS ยง(501(c)(7)) corporation that wants to make flying fun, safe, and accessible.
We are the only flying club in the valley, and are seeking additional members!
Palm Springs Aviators, Inc. is not affiliated with any other entity.


Equity-based Ownership

Palm Springs Aviators is an exclusive club whose members include a wide spectrum of aviation experience and professionals - lawyers, professional pilots, retirees (the luckiest of the bunch!) and others. If you want to buy an AIRPLANE, but do not want all of the overhead costs, join Palm Springs Aviators. 

Membership available through either the sale of member-owned shares or club-owned shares. For a one-time purchase of a share at then current value plus monthly dues of about $300 (adjusted periodically based on total number of members) you can call yourself an owner of Palm Springs Aviators. The total cost is well below the net value of the airplane and with all the benefits of ownership. 

When you agree to purchase the share, we post your proposed application to our members. Once your membership is approved and the financial transaction completed, pass your check ride and enjoy membership privileges. Easy as that!


"Cost, of course, is one the most frequently cited reason for the decline in aviation. One of the best ways to reduce costs is to join a flying club, where your hourly operating rate plummets compared to that of individual ownership . The side benefit is a much more social flying experience."

"Playing the long game" by Thomas B. Haines in AOPA Pilot, August 2017, p. 16. 

We're Looking for New Members

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